Electronic Medical Claims Consultants -
Key Benefits
Electronic Medical Claims Consultants is staffed by experienced Medical Insurance Specialists providing a hands-on approach that allows us to act as an extension of your staff. This permits you and your personnel to focus on the business of treating your patients. At EMCC, we are dedicated to increasing your receivables and decreasing expenses. We are able to accomplish this by:
  • Electronic Claims Submission - reduces payment turnaround time. Paper claims will be submitted when carriers and/or providers are not electronically enabled.
  • 72 Hour Claim Processing - when claims are received in our office, they are processed and sent to the insurance companies within 72 hours.
  • Claims Follow-up - we aggressively follow-up on all unpaid claims. In addition to following-up on insurance claims, we can assist in calling patients to deal with outstanding balances in a friendly and professional way.
  • Personal Service - all patient or provider inquiries will be handled in a prompt and courteous way. Patient privacy and support will never be compromised.
                          EMC Consultants                                            EMC Consultants
                            Suzanne Porter                                                 Kelly Votino                           
                    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania                                       Columbus, Ohio 
                       Phone: 412.833.3151                                     Phone: 614.401.3024
                           Fax: 412.833.3181                                         Fax: 614.467.9428
                     porter.emcc@gmail.com                               votino.emcc@gmail.com
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