Electronic Medical Claims Consultants -
Electronic Medical Claims Consultants is all-inclusive and provides services at one low monthly fee that is based on a percentage of monthly receivables in addition to actual postage costs for patient bills. Fees charged are based on actual monies collected, not on billed amounts. If you don't get paid, we don't get paid.
Consulting Services are also available on an hourly basis.
Contact us today for a FREE insurance analysis of your practice and a pricing quote.
                          EMC Consultants                                            EMC Consultants
                            Suzanne Porter                                                 Kelly Votino                           
                    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania                                       Columbus, Ohio 
                       Phone: 412.833.3151                                     Phone: 614.401.3024
                           Fax: 412.833.3181                                         Fax: 614.467.9428
                     porter.emcc@gmail.com                               votino.emcc@gmail.com
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